India Pakistan cricketing ties

Diplomatic and political steps are often razor imprinted but sometimes a double standard views are often puzzled and gives a glimpse of some hidden agenda which perhaps the decision making body themselves are not aware. Recently, there has been a lot of hue and cry over the escalated tensions across the border between India and Pakistan. Some experts have gone too far and suggested to shrug off all ties between the nations. People often target the most popular verticals and force by some means or others to end the existing relations however they miss the larger picture. It is the common daily earning masses which are affected by such harsh steps as the fatty segments always have brighter opportunities to opt for and they only restrict themselves to giving their expert opinions in order to escalate the already existing tensions rather than endeavoring to play a bridging role.

Recently while going through YouTube video, I came across one message for the Indians in general, Indian cricket team in particular, by some defense personal that cited the cruelties and causalities and their dedications along the border and appealed not to play any cricket matches with across the border. Now being a defense personal and expert in strategic steps to curb any extremism, he must be aware of the very basis military philosophy that no wars are won by escaping the battlefield. If you wish to win a war, you have to step into the battle field. This is perhaps universal truth and is applicable like Newton’s law in all verticals. If you have to crush your opponent in diplomatic ties you have to do it through aggressive diplomatic policies, if you wish to defeat your opponent in economic front, you have to grow your economy multi folds, if you wish to defeat the opponent forces in cultural aspect, you have to take grow and make your culture unmatched, if you want to defeat your opponent on cricket field, you should play with all your heart and soul to make them understand your giant stature in the cricket field, same is the case in military activities as strategic steps in the battlefield and aggressive approach with heavy hand can only defeat your enemy and so no and so forth. In sort, ending ties is not a solution but the solution is to face them and defeat them as escaping a situation or problem will serve very little purpose.

Recently bilateral cricketing ties are not allowed since many years between the nations as extremism continue to infiltrate from across the border but we do play in multilateral events and even defeat them there. Since cricket is one of the most popular sports in the nation, it is easy to make this as role model of our approach but we do continue trade with across the border. Why are we not sealing the border which will definitely end many of our problems? I remember our prime minister challenging openly our neighboring country in one of his speeches to beat our nation in economic front, to beat our nation in technology, to beat our nation in education, to beat our nation in cleanliness and so on. What a noble way of fighting a war with your opponent, our prime minister has started. This is the right way to defeat your enemy such that they should come back to you with folded hand for help.

There are a lot of articles and publications everywhere which gives multiple reasons to end the cricketing ties between the nations. India cannot have a bilateral cricket series with Pakistan as it has crossed the limit by sponsoring terrorism in the country and when the line is crossed then a message has to be given and boycott is a message and that it has been clearly stated that terrorism and sports cannot go side-by-side as long as Pakistan doesn’t stop cross border terror was the verses by someone from responsible governing chair defending the policy not to have bilateral cricket series with Pakistan however he declined to comment on far bigger issue like reforming the cricket governing body as he would not like comment on the cricket-related issues but perhaps this is a conflicting policy from what philosophy the highest governing chair has been propagating.

Our educated segment should become a role model for weaker segments and provide them with right direction which is in the benefit of all rather than instigating them for extremism as it will only end their present and future rather than solving their miseries. Remember that fatty segments will have little effect of any situation but definitely they will come up with a lot of instigating philosophies and many more expert opinions to supplement their philosophies. This has been a trend since centuries and is still in process which never gives a chance to the weaker segments of the society to improve their situation, stand in the society and get counted in the masses. They fail to understand the basic value and philosophy of life.

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