What do we gain from blockbusters like Baahubali 2: The Conclusion?

Baahubali saga, one of the most ambitious ventures in recent time, has given a new tale to the already flourishing industry where people have been forced to think beyond the safe and easy way out from copying and dubbing a concept. Audiences now have wider choices and it will be difficult for poorly illustrated and portrayed concept to mark an impression on the viewers and get easy appreciations. People are growing intelligent and exploring various varied opportunities where compromise and short cuts have very little scope. Now you have to be at your toes always and come up with fresh concepts and innovative portrayal to make your presence felt or else you will meet the similar fate as the single screen theaters in India which is struggling for space in smaller cities while their fate has nosedived in bigger cities and where south Indian dubbed movies have taken over from the Hindi movies on television at every channel during prime shows just because of the rise of TRP of  telecasting south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. People are fed up with the monotonous theme and story of Hindi movies for years which have nothing more than singing around the trees. They find at least something fresh in those dubbed movies which have given recognition and larger audience to the south Indian stars and the rise of movies like Baahubali saga which teaches how a little can convey an epic.

It seems that finally Indian film industry is moving from the monopolistic, nepotism market abduction of Bollywood where a selected lot rules the show and outsides are unwelcome due to the influence, power, huge finance and hold over the monopolistic market involved of the business running entities. The business has grown into a hereditary farm where generations rules and only generations produce stars. Days have come where either you have to be exceptional or you should be in a potion to make the exceptional work for you. Averages are doomed to perish as the below par movies are struggling for their last breath and warming the shelves of  dabba movies and most important change off is that the regular dedicated viewership has dipped.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has grown to be the biggest blockbuster of Indian film industry ever due to its sheer out of the box concept where coping and plagiarism has very little scope. The biggest money boggling movie from the Indian nation is not from Bollywood but a Hindi dubbed south Indian concept. The mass acceptance of this movie is so huge that only Hollywood release, Gardian of Galaxy 2 has surpassed this release worldwide in simultaneously releases. Concepts and portrayal are deeply thought of and researched and the hard work is imminent. Visualizations and after thoughts have been the rules of the movie creation rather than finishing off any concept in any manner to earn the associated perks by forcing the audience to view the substandard concepts as they have no other choice where entertainment industry is flooded with same boring stuffs and dabba releases. The fate of this movie or better the south Indian movies was knocking the door from a distant due to their slowly and gradually imprinting their impression on every possible viewership. Baahubali 2 shows a trend dialogue creations and away from the league perceptions. The film was very successful in creating the curiosity among its viewers for the next releases by ending the story abruptly and where social media proved to be very helpful in keeping the buzz live till the release of the next saga with biggest market tool or better called as teaser being the cliffhanger climax why did Katappa kill Baahubali? The extravaganza’s special effects added to its already huge buzz.

This is an eye opening for the Hindi film makers to wake up as Hindi audience’s taste are changing and their viewership patter has marked a significant shift from regular and conventional super stars and mega stars based dedicated audience. Even, Disney’s The Jungle Book dubbed in Hindi did a business of more than 100 crores in Hindi speaking audience alone. There are a handful of film makers like Aamir Khan who loves to thrive on research based fresh concepts and believes on his dedication, innovation and hard work for success. This is the reason, we hardly find any of his creations not listed in the top charts and not beating the earlier records. People always find freshness and new in their creations.

This is a learning story for the startups and innovations that are going to hit the market. Market competition, Demonetization and similar catastrophic hindrance or for that matter even prediction or trade pundits have very little influence if proper research and planning is done beforehand and if execution is neat and perfect. Indian market is a very complex consumer based market with huge multifarious potential. There are pockets of selective taste based audience where as there are still a large chunk unexplored of their taste and needs and able to appeal. Huge geographies and demographics create huge potential for quantum of success if you are up for it. It should be designed and developed in such a way that it should target all chunks and appeal. This creation gives a glimpse of harmonious coexistence of sentiment, imagination, marvel and audacity. Witnessing a batch of gruesome efforts which is a clear sign of commitment, passion, intent to thrive and excel through furious display of visual marvel is most evident. When passion is complemented with sterling creativity, successes enthrall followed by truly rapturous spectacular achievement.

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  1. Deo - Reply

    This movie proves the huge commercial potential of Bollywood which has been plagued by poor concept complemented with unimaginative portrayal of any concept have been the routine of this industry. To compound to it penury, the industry has always been plagued by the nepotism and rule of only a select few with little substance.

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