What do we learn from the Great Bhagwat Gita?

Bhagavad Gita is the essence of vedic knowledge. It details the most versatile human understanding and knowledge for mankind. The spirit mentioned is simply unmatched and the more one reads it the more he/she understands the ultimate wisdom. Although, the original verses comes in Sanskrit but translations in almost all literary versions are available. It should not be treated merely as religious book but a source of knowledge and then only can one understand the intricacies mentioned even in its small verses. Let us see the great source of wisdom from different perspective.

Perhaps the first verses the Lord Krishna spoke to Arjuna why was compassionate at looking after his relatives in fighting spirit on the battlefield of Kurukshetra as

“Sri Bhagavan uvaca

Kutas tva kasmlam idam

Visame samupasthitam

Anarya – justam asvargyam

Akirti – karam arjuna”


The Lord himself conveys to Arjuna that how could he be filled with such impurities (as compassion). People like Arjuna, so well versed in the value of life, should not be even bothered to think so. This never leads one to fame. Here, it is clearly meant that we are in this universe for a purpose. We all have to play our part and we should not tinker in the natural process. Everything happens for a purpose even if it looks wrong initially. The main goal is to understand the absolute truth and keep doing our share of work sincerely and truly and should not get bothered or deviated from surrounding. Then only we can reach our ultimate goal. Our conscious should be clear and the rest follows. Everything in this material world is external and superficial. We very often proclaim our surroundings and belongings as our inherent often forgetting the fact that they were never ours and will never be ours throughout. It is just momentarily we are in possession of what we have as our belongings and surroundings.  A person with knowledge and wisdom of liberation will always understand and focus on his duties and responsibilities. Deviating from our primary objective for the sake of something is nothing more than a coward act. It is not approved and appreciated in any capacity. Understand ourselves and our duties and responsibilities and perform our job at the best of our understanding, wisdom and abilities and leave everything to the Almighty who is sitting with the most precision weighing scale.


  1. Anand K D S - Reply

    Is this the first verse of the great Bhagavad Gita? Are there more such posts in pipeline as it seems very realistic in understanding…

    • Dr. Santoshi Kumari - Reply

      This was the first verse said to the great Arjuna by the Lord himself in the battlefield when he was feeling very low. We will try to bring more such informative posts for your curiosity.

  2. Anuj Pratap - Reply

    Are you a religious person or associated with ISKON association or a religious preacher? Just asking out of curiosity.

    • Dr. Santoshi Kumari - Reply

      You do not need to be a follower of certain group or religious person or preacher or anything of that sort to learn and grow your wisdom. It just needs your curiosity, interest and dedication towards your ambition. It is just my passion towards learning something, understanding and making other similar minded people to gain from my understanding which prompted me to write this post.

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